Hasta La Vista Control

If you’re ever driving in stressful conditions, the last person you want driving your car is my grandma (sorry Nana, I know you’re reading this). My family likes to poke fun at her, and just this past Mother’s Day weekend they were at it again. I don’t know how exactly it came up, but my [...]

Just Keep Surrendering

I went out for coffee recently with a friend, who asked, “Are there still good days and bad days?” “No, it’s more like there are good moments and bad moments." The healing process is such a unique and mystifying path; it’s so vast yet so simple all at the same time. When I compare the [...]

Eyes on the Prize

Grief changes a person. It’s not something that can just be bounced back from, expecting to be the same person. One minute, all seems right in the world, and in the next second it’s completely turned upside down. And it never goes back to the way it was. Plans change. Goals are altered. Perspective is [...]

Steps Forward

As time inches forward, or better yet, leaps forward, I find myself noticing the absence of my dad more and more. Of course I know he’s been gone, but these days it’s much more evident. Why, after almost 5 months, is the feeling of missing him pressing into me so strongly? Quite frankly, it’s a [...]


Several years ago I had someone ask me a question that still sticks with me today: Why is it that most people come to believe or trust in God after something bad happens? At the time, I didn’t really know how to answer that question. I myself had surrendered my life to Christ when going [...]

God Was There

Vulnerability? Not my thing. Public displays of emotion? Definitely not my thing. I without a doubt got over both of these in a matter of minutes. I remember the day, November 11th, like it was yesterday. It was both a flurry of activity and yet still, a slow motion event. It was the first day [...]

The Leaky Tire

I had a leaky tire today. Not a big deal, right? It wasn’t flat and I had ample time to get myself to the tire repair shop. Yet, once I noticed the low pressure and the small slit in my tire, my first thought was to call my dad; he would know exactly what to [...]