The Leaky Tire

I had a leaky tire today. Not a big deal, right? It wasn’t flat and I had ample time to get myself to the tire repair shop. Yet, once I noticed the low pressure and the small slit in my tire, my first thought was to call my dad; he would know exactly what to do. It was in that split second that I had forgotten. Moments like that occur frequently, where for some crazy reason, I forget he is gone. Tomorrow marks 4 months since his passing. And as I look back and reflect on these months, I’m overcome with a flood of emotions. It has been a whirlwind of tears, transitions, memories, laughter, grief, shock, thankfulness, anger, questioning, and still, joy. I feel like I’ve learned a lifetime worth of lessons in just 4 short months. So, here I am. Inspired by a leaky tire to document this season of transition. For me, this blog will bring about healing. And I pray that it will be a blessing for others as well. Ultimately, however, it is my hope that Jesus will be completely glorified through this. Jesus has imparted abundant light into my life during my darkest hour; and He has taken my broken heart and brought forth beauty. And through this He has starting writing a story in which I’d love to share with you.

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