Steps Forward

As time inches forward, or better yet, leaps forward, I find myself noticing the absence of my dad more and more. Of course I know he’s been gone, but these days it’s much more evident. Why, after almost 5 months, is the feeling of missing him pressing into me so strongly? Quite frankly, it’s a [...]


Several years ago I had someone ask me a question that still sticks with me today: Why is it that most people come to believe or trust in God after something bad happens? At the time, I didn’t really know how to answer that question. I myself had surrendered my life to Christ when going [...]

God Was There

Vulnerability? Not my thing. Public displays of emotion? Definitely not my thing. I without a doubt got over both of these in a matter of minutes. I remember the day, November 11th, like it was yesterday. It was both a flurry of activity and yet still, a slow motion event. It was the first day [...]

The Leaky Tire

I had a leaky tire today. Not a big deal, right? It wasn’t flat and I had ample time to get myself to the tire repair shop. Yet, once I noticed the low pressure and the small slit in my tire, my first thought was to call my dad; he would know exactly what to [...]